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Who am I?

Since August 2021, I can officially call myself a social psychologist/behaviour changer. But I have been committed to the well-being of children, and youths in particular, for years. 

To be is to be outside

I am an avid athlete and what they call an "outdoorsman". You often see me flying over trails in the woods on the mountain bike or on the more well-trodden paths with the gravel bike. In addition, my own leg carriage is regularly brought outside. Enjoy getting outside and into nature!

Power of movement

From an early age I have had a fascination for sports and exercise combined with personal guidance and health. I have been able to combine this fascination with my passion for behavioural change and people for some time now. 

Sports and exercise are one of the most important medicines at @Change. It opens doors and offers possibilities. Not only physically, but also mentally. While exercising and enjoying the outdoors, different things often emerge in behaviour and thoughts, and it offers countless opportunities for (new) experiences. This provides new starting points. That is why at @Change I mainly use (outdoor) exercise to achieve sustainable behavioural change. To put you back on your right track. 

Human & society

In addition to this personal guidance, I am also very passionate about positively changing groups of people. I am trained in researching social behavioural issues and I never mind a challenge. Especially with topics such as discrimination, peer pressure and bullying, you can proverbially wake me up. But my curiosity certainly goes further than just these topics. 

I am also trained as a resilience trainer according to the Bertha B. Method.

In all my projects and processes, I use my experience as a behaviour changer together with my life experience(s), self-wisdom and creativity to positively change people's behaviour for themselves and their environment. 

So do you have a behavioural issue and could you use some help, advice or anything to get yourself or others back on track?

Please feel free to leave a message. I would be happy to talk to you to see what I can do for you. 

Anne Verlaek

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