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"Leave the road, take the trails"



Here, knowledge of behavioural change is combined with a good dose of self-wisdom and a touch of creativity.

At @Change, extensive knowledge of behavioural change is combined with life experience(s), self-wisdom and creativity, in order to positively change people's behaviour for themselves and society.

@Change is not about sitting and talking, but more about action and doing! 

Together we aim for positive behavioural change.

You can contact @Change with individual and social behavioural issues. For example, are you stuck in certain behaviours? Do you need a little push? Or someone who listens to you and works together to find a workable solution for you? I use my tools and knowledge to get you back on track.

Or do you, as an organisation, have problems with people's behaviour and would you like a solution for this? Then you have come to the right place at @Change. Together we put people on the right track for them.


Venlo, Netherlands


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