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@Change aims for positive behavioural change

Why do people do what they do? And how do you change people's behaviour?

What really moves people?

You encounter human behavior in many (social) problems. If you want to find a solution, you often have to look at the underlying explanation(s) of the behaviour. If you do not understand what really moves people, you will not arrive at an effective solution.

Behavioural change is necessary, but achieving this is a challenge. People like to see themselves as rational beings, but this often turns out to be less than expected. Behaviour is mainly unconscious. Fortunately, you can also respond to unconscious psychological factors for lasting positive behavioural change. Small changes already have a big effect. That is why behavioural change is a powerful tool for improving our world. 

Why go to @Change?

@Change can help you understand the psychology behind people's behaviour.

In addition, @Change can show you how to change behaviour successfully and long-term. 


@Change always seeks to connection science, with all its theories, and practice. This is combined with a touch of creativity, a good dose of stubbornness and positivity and a lot of enthusiasm to work on various social and personal behavioural issues. With the ultimate goal of finding a solution that helps society or you to move forward. 


Brainstorming to succes


Do you need a fresh perspective to look at a (social) behavioural problem or issue? Then you can contact @Change for a brainstorming session. Together we will try to find concrete options for the problem.

Analyse data

Research & Advice

Do you need @Change to delve more into the issue? Then you can contact @Change for a behavioural analysis that identifies which 'buttons' you can turn to achieve your goal. As much as possible based on scientific research, but always with practice in mind. So no abstract stuff.  



Behavioural change is often about getting people moving. At @Change, exercise is not a goal in itself, but also a means to achieve a goal. Exercise is of great added value and can be widely used. This makes it of great value for personal development and for the development as a society. @Change is happy to think about what exercise can do for you. 

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