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Adventure Therapy (AT)

"A little less conversation, a little more action please"

Elvis Presley

@Change offers Adventure Therapy to children/youths

On the basis of adventurous activities working on:

How does this work exactly? 

During goal-specific adventurous outdoor activities, you will be challenged on a cognitive, affective and behavioural level. You will get the possibility to gain new experiences during those activities in order to create new possibilities and learn alternative behaviours. 

During this learning, we will always seek to make the connection between the daily live (school, home, association) and the experiences gained during the activities. 

Visual AT kader.png

Example of offer

These are just examples of activities that could take place within Adventure Therapy.

In case another (adventurous) activity is desired, consultation is always possible. I'm happy to determine together with the child/youth what the wishes and possibilities are.​

Walking, running (individual/group)

Mountainbiking, road cycling, gravelbiking (individual/group)


With AT you learn through experience, resulting in sustainable behaviour change.
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