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Cycling therapy

Mountainbiking individually

Together with me, you will explore the forests and nice places in the area. There is time for a chat along the way, but above all: action, fun and challenges.

During the adventures you will be challenged in different ways, so you will learn new things on the bike, but you will also learn skills that you can use in your daily life.

Mountainbiking group

Together with me and one or more other children you will explore the woods and nice places in the area. Here too there is plenty of time for a chat, but action, fun and challenges remain central. Because you do this with several children, you can learn from each other and this gives you the opportunity to make new social contacts.

Jumping therapy

This is a more extreme variant of cycling therapy. Together we go to places in the woods in the area where you can jump with your bike. 


If you prefer to stay on paved roads when cycling, this is of course also fine (both individually and in a group). 

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